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A Teen’s Letter To Oakland #1

I feel a lot of sorrow when I think about you. It’s disheartening to see your abandoned buildings and ghost filled neighborhoods, your gang filled streets.

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(Eric Fredericks)

Review: Fruitvale Station

In the film “Fruitvale Station,” Michael B. Jordan plays the role as Oscar Grant, a young man in his mid 20’s that is trying to get his life back together after doing time in jail, selling marijuana to pay family expenses, and losing his job.

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Roundtable: The BART Strike

I was walking up Allston Way, going to San Francisco to see a friend. A huge novelty of living in the Bay Area is that you really don’t need a car in this region since our subway system is extremely convienent—serving 400,000 riders each day. I walked by the crowd of people and started down the pit of stairs—then along with a couple others—staring blankly at the closed doors.

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Commentary: First Day Of School

Summer is ending and school is starting soon. The first day of school, more like the first two weeks because they are very important. It’s important because you have to look cute. It’s a must. There will be a bunch of new faces to impress, and its important to give a good first impression.

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Review: Strawberry Granita

Creating a holy trinity of freshly jeweled strawberries, pleasantly sweet simple syrup, and sharp, acidic lemon juice, Strawberry Granita is the class A drug of modern Italian cuisine.

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(Maria Karpenko)


The Coldest Winter Ever is an astonishing piece of literature that I read this year. As Sister Souljah’s first published book I felt captivated. When I glanced over the introduction I knew that this book would be the book I want to read but I still wasn’t sure.

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