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Dear Albany

By Rafael J. Dear Albany, I wish I could actually like you more. Or maybe I wish I could get…

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Karma Does Exist

That day, I found out that karma does exist because if you do something bad then you’re going to get a consequence from your action.

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Choosing The Right College

Going to a 4 year you get to experience the dorms, fraternities, moving away from home, and with a community college you don’t really get the opportunity to have all of that. But for me, in my opinion I see community college as the best way to go.

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Swag VS. Education

When the Bred 11s were going to be released, a friend of mine in class made sure her phone ringer was on so she could hear if a shoe store would call her back about having the winning ticket to buy the new pair of Jordans. She didn’t care if her loud ringtone would interrupt class, nor if she stepped out the class to answer the call while the teacher was giving a lecture.

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Moving to Oakland

I moved to Oakland five months ago. I came from a place called Watsonville, which is 20 to 30 minutes away from Santa Cruz. These two places are only one hour away but they seem to be two different worlds.

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