Paying For College Without Breaking The Bank

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Education has always been important to me. But so is financial responsibility. With the proposed cuts to college financial aid, those two goals are harder to reach.

I remember filling out my college application. As I scrolled down, I noticed the submission fee, 70 dollars.  I was shocked that it cost that much just to apply. I thought, if I can’t afford this fee, how am I going to pay for a four year-university?

So I decided to opt for a more affordable way, community college. I hope to transfer to UC Berkeley soon, but I know I’ll need help to make it work.

I currently receive federal student aid, a Pell grant, and the BOG Fee Waiver. But now President Trump is considering cutting these services.

I work two jobs to save up for school and help my family. I look at my parents, who never went to college, and how they live paycheck to paycheck. It’s not the future I want for myself. But with Trump’s education cut, I may not have a choice.

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