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Effects of Sexual Assault

People feel like there is no one to turn to because they’ll be judged or looked at differently like they won’t be seen as a person but as a victim. Mentally it can tear you down and leave you broken.

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Want To Prepare For The Next Big Quake? Ask A Teen

You’re sitting on your bed, and your mattress starts to stir beneath you. “Oh, it’s just the cat,” you think to yourself. But then your wardrobe starts to sway. Left, right, left, right. Unless your cat literally weighs a ton, she isn’t the one to blame here. This is an earthquake. And if you’re like most teens in the Bay Area, you’ve only experienced a handful of them.

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The Great Gun Emoji Debate

Out of the nearly 900 emoji options available to U.S. teenagers, the gun is one of the most popular, ranking in the top ten percent. But lately, the gun emoji has been landing some people in hot water. Young people tend to be savvier about these things. But there’s still room for misunderstanding. Youth Radio Reporter Tylyn Hardamon explores how teens use the gun emoji in their everyday conversations.

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Youth & Police: Building Community Trust

Youth Radio brought together young people, community leaders and representatives from police departments throughout the East Bay for a candid discussion about building trust and safety in our communities.

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