The Myth of the Model Minority

The myth of the “model minority” is an ever-more prevailing topic in this day and age. My dad’s generation was the pioneers India to United States migration. The growing population of Indian Americans has turned my people into a prominent minority, but that comes with severe injustice and prejudices targeted at Indian Americans.

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(Photo Credit: Stanley Yuu)

Sisters not Stereotypes

The relationship between sisters is one of the closest and most publicized dynamics in our society. Sisters share everything- clothes, makeup, a house, and almost always, looks. My story with my sister is different from this stereotypical version.

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(Don Shall)

Letter To My City

They portray us teenagers as “bad kids, troublemakers, gangbangers, killers or just a terrible society in general” when really it’s only a few teenagers that fits into that category.

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A Teen Witch Welcomes Halloween

I’m a teen witch and a part of being a teen witch is performing spells on the night of the full moon. So on this night, I decided to cast a circle as protection. A circle of protection is when you call upon the four elements to come into your house and protect yourself, your room, or your whole household.

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