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Brains and Beakers: Secrets Of Science Reporting

Alexis Madrigal

…now a senior editor of the Atlantic magazine, where he runs their technology section. He recently joined us at Brains and Beakers, Youth Radio’s regular gathering where we hear from some of the biggest scientific thinkers, right here in our Oakland studios. What exactly do whales see? Why is there sand in toothpaste? How do you come up with science stories from the comfort of your own home? Alexis shared his secrets of science writing with the n…

Brains and Beakers: Gamifying Air Pollution


…nd support cultural change. He’s an assistant professor for new media at UC Berkeley, and presented at the last Brains and Beakers event, Youth Radio’s quarterly science lecture series. Niemeyer presented his new open-source game, “AirQuest,” at this event. It blends bmx bike racing with real world challenges like managing asthma and responding to air pollution. The air pollution in the game is based off of actual air quality measurements around…

Brains and Beakers: Reinventing Musical Instruments


Welcome to Brains and Beakers 2010! Ever wondered how to make drums out of PVC pipe? Or Light-Emitting Diode (LED) graffiti? That’s the kind of stuff we do at Youth Radio’s Brains and Beakers events. Four times per year, scientists come to Youth Radio’s studios in Downtown Oakland to demo their discoveries, methods, and inventions. Students interview the scientists and create media out of these dynamic dialogues. This monthR…

Brains and Beakers: Rapping on Science

By Chantell Williams A couple years ago I wrote a song about geography to the tune of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. I still remember every single word of that song… too embarrassing to actually write here, but it helped me pass my test. Music can help with learning and memory and can be used as a tool in the classroom. That’s one reason why educator and rapper, Tom McFadden, is bringing battle raps to science class. He created a curriculum t…

Brains & Beakers: Toying with Engineering


…ore as both boys and girls used their kits to create objects ranging from cotton candy makers to double-decker bridges. The founders say they’re considering building components that would enable kids to go beyond mundane terrestrial objects, like cars and trains,  to sci-fi film-worthy components, such as spaceships and rockets. In the latest installment of Youth Radio’s Brains and Beakers series, Brooks and Chen showed how Roominate works….