RYL Peer Review-Terrance, “Fireworks”

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It sounds like you did a lot of practice! I love to hear covers, I would love to hear more covers of different songs by you. Listening to this reminds me of how Nicki Minaj raps. She always speaks so deeply about how she feels and what she’s passionate about, and as I was listening to this song, it made me realize that you speak genuinely and from the heart, and when you have something, you cherish it and care for it like nothing else. Everything you were saying seemed as if it came from deep down inside. This is a really healthy song for young women because it gives them confidence and belief that there is someone in the world who can really care for them and treat them like a queen. Whoever you’re with is a very special lady! The first line that really stood out to me was “My woman deserves everything, I wonder how life without her would go”, because it makes me feel like all guys aren’t degrading women, and there are really some guys who cherish their women and love them no matter her flaws. The second verse that stood out to me was “you’ll never find another ni**a that’s bound to lover you more than me” because it makes me think about how nowadays women are really degraded in today’s Hip-Hop, and are always put out on the spot as if they’re just dirty and dishonest. Not all women are that way though. Regardless of what women OR men do in their personal lives, that’s THEIR business and no one should be judged based off of the choices they decide to make. I feel that that’s one of the main problems in today’s society. Besides gang and gun violence and police brutality, degrading women is really hurtful and can also lead to insecurities and even suicide. Honestly, it feels good to listen to a MAN speak honestly and genuinely about a WOMAN, especially with everything going on in today’s society. It’s very inspiring and helpful to have someone like you to speak the REAL about how a woman SHOULD be treated.

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