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(Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eschipul/555287661/in/photolist-R4ZFc-7DN3uB-HqCpt-aDRLjy-yL6Ee-8F6XPS-qtq61Y-2tLifo-nH3caw-c8r2L-7FtMqH-4b2xnx-9hFk3T-5QcQaa-2tLihC-HqyZG-6B8hZx-yTqWV-8F3Hdg-87jKaZ-rLsPyk-knvEU-9h4Gh2-84164G-dBcb6v-83X2iX-qHRr1k-pgV87M-faqgoK-8EZ3Cd-aeH7M3-qG2rZ1-6MsEFY-e3pVW1-4R5sAZ-pf34Pb-4ZYCXV-9Dw81g-dgmFiz-5giiB-HqZ5r-Hr1W6-q1yyfP-aUiapi-aUiamg-c7YsMu-9hLw26-r3gQAh-r14w23-q6yCJi)

Fear Of Public Speaking

Imagine you are standing before a crowd. You’re totally prepared to talk but now that you’re up there, staring at…

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Teens Try The Pill That Blocks HIV Infection

The FDA has approved a daily pill called Pre-Exposure Prophalaxis, or PrEP, which can reduce the risk of HIV infection by 86%. It’s the first and only treatment of its kind, but the Centers for Disease Control recommends caution when prescribing PrEP to adolescents. They’re waiting for final results from medical trials on young people being conducted in cities across the country.

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