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Who Backs the Backers On Kickstarter?

When it comes to raising money for the arts, Kickstarter has become the place to go. Since it launched in 2009, the crowd-funding site has successfully delivered over $400 million to creative projects, including three films currently up for Oscars. But for all of Kickstarter’s success, funding creative work is still risky business. A study out of Wharton counts 3.5% of funded projects drop the ball. Small, but significant enough to raise the question: what happens to that money?

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Brains and Beakers: Gamifying Air Pollution

Could video games save the environment? Maybe with the right video game, and that’s what Greg Niemeyer is trying to build. Niemeyer specializes in digital art, and his most recent work focuses on games that seek and support cultural change. He’s an assistant professor for new media at UC Berkeley, and presented at the last Brains and Beakers event, Youth Radio’s quarterly science lecture series.


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Why Buy When You Can Swap?

As a college student, I love this whole phenomenon of the “sharing economy.” That’s the term economists use to define a community of people who freely share and swap resources, often managed online through websites or forums. Turns out, actually paying for stuff, or just throwing it out, is so 2011–if you can share it instead.

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