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The Secret Behind Apps for Kids

Seems like every day brings a new story revealing lapses in internet privacy. The Wall Street Journal has been steadily covering this issue in its series What They Know. In a related story today, Jeremy Singer-Vine and Anton Troianovski looked into data gathering in kid-friendly apps. I talked to Singer-Vine about his findings.

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About the Tech Desk

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The Virtual Reality Dreams Of The 90’s Are Alive At E3

The last time most video game players were excited about virtual reality was the 1990s. Before internet browsers were commonplace and game consoles were still actively marketed by the number of bits they could process, virtual reality held out the shimmering promise of the cyberspace envisioned by science fiction authors like William Gibson: the future was going to be accessed by way of immersive technology that would project digital avatars of ourselves into detailed virtual worlds.

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