Mass Shootings: More Than Mental Illness

Mass shootings have become an epidemic in the United States. In response to the recent shooting in Texas, Trump said he thinks that “mental health is the problem here.” He specifically said “this isn’t a guns situation.”


Oakland’s First Friday Fashion

This video profiles the diverse, eclectic, culturally relevant, and often overlooked street fashion of Oakland, California, a hub for artists,…

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510 Day: Reclaiming Gentrified Spaces In Oakland

510 Day is the official anti-gentrification day where Oakland natives come together at the lake to defy displacement. This year AllDay Play spun some Oakland slaps and live streamed the event. Check out the recap video.


Access to Healthcare is Access to Life

Meet Risa Padilla, 18, from Oakland. Risa has asthma, severe allergies, and a rare condition called AMPS (amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome). AMPS is an abnormal pain reflex. Even a mild pain signal can be extremely painful.

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