RYL Artist Profile- Soraya

Soraya started to like poetry in 3rd grade. Poetry has always stuck with Soraya because it allows her to be whoever she wants to be.  It makes her feel good and has helped her become who she is now.  When she recites her poetry she feels free. Soraya’s main influences are Oscar Wilde and Langston…

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RYL Artist Profile- Shy’An Genisis

Shy’An Genesis is an artist and producer who started her interest with music at 9 years old. She began by listening to Tupac and writing her own lyrics, then entered the world of music production at the age of 15. Next to Tupac, her other main influences were the many groups from the underground Hip-Hop…


RYL Event Recap- “Oakland Drops Beats”

  This Saturday was the one year anniversary of “Oakland Drops Beats.” Bump Records, Today’s Future Sound, and of course Youth Radio were featured in the showcase. Chioma and Thomas performed a beautiful song together. Anatesia came out of her shell and sung her heart out. Nasif performed his hit, and Sou’s voice put the audience…

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RYL Peer Review- Shy’An G, “If You Looked”

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Shy’An G- If You Looked     OMG!! This song is just amazing, and I loooove the beginning!!! You sound very passionate and sure about what you’re saying. I also like how you have a big vocabulary. You literally lose me in the song as im listening. I get so tangled into what you’re rapping about….

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RYL Peer Review-Work Force, “Flash Forward”

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Work Force- Flash Forward I like this song because you’re reflecting on yourself. You’re telling us about how the world is misunderstood and can be violent but you’re proud of where you’re from. It also sounds like you put a lot of effort into what you do. You sound very aware of the world and…