Oakland Queer Fashion Week 2015

You’ve heard of New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week and their runway shows, but have you heard of Queer Fashion Week? It just wrapped up in Oakland, California. Youth Radio was there and produced this snapshot of the designers, the models, and what sets this fashion show apart.

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How Do Arvin Youth Use the Library?

By: South Kern Sol  Ed. note: The fall in oil prices is hitting Kern County California’s General Fund and The Kern County Board of Supervisors is considering privatizing services to make up for the lost revenues. The public library system, which is paid for entirely from the General Fund,  is being considered for privatization in…

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(Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eschipul/555287661/in/photolist-R4ZFc-7DN3uB-HqCpt-aDRLjy-yL6Ee-8F6XPS-qtq61Y-2tLifo-nH3caw-c8r2L-7FtMqH-4b2xnx-9hFk3T-5QcQaa-2tLihC-HqyZG-6B8hZx-yTqWV-8F3Hdg-87jKaZ-rLsPyk-knvEU-9h4Gh2-84164G-dBcb6v-83X2iX-qHRr1k-pgV87M-faqgoK-8EZ3Cd-aeH7M3-qG2rZ1-6MsEFY-e3pVW1-4R5sAZ-pf34Pb-4ZYCXV-9Dw81g-dgmFiz-5giiB-HqZ5r-Hr1W6-q1yyfP-aUiapi-aUiamg-c7YsMu-9hLw26-r3gQAh-r14w23-q6yCJi)

Fear Of Public Speaking

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Imagine you are standing before a crowd. You’re totally prepared to talk but now that you’re up there, staring at the audience, all of a sudden you feel like you can’t breathe. As a member of the Gay Straight Alliance, our group went from class to class sharing our stories and increasing people’s awareness of…