Emergency Earthquake Kit

Photo Credit: Soraya Shockley

Want To Prepare For The Next Big Quake? Ask A Teen

You’re sitting on your bed, and your mattress starts to stir beneath you. “Oh, it’s just the cat,” you think to yourself. But then your wardrobe starts to sway. Left, right, left, right. Unless your cat literally weighs a ton, she isn’t the one to blame here. This is an earthquake. And if you’re like most teens in the Bay Area, you’ve only experienced a handful of them.

drought infographic 3

Californians, Have Your Water Habits Changed?

Earlier this month, 17-year-old Youth Radio reporter Savannah Robinson did a story for NPR about how the historic California drought was affecting her life. Turns out, not enough, if the length of her showers (13 minutes!) were any indication. Sabby made a commitment to reduce her shower time. And she talked to her friends in the San…