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#WordsMatter — No Human Being is “Illegal”

By: Karla Martinez / Coachella Unincorporated As a child, I thought anyone born on this earth was part of the United States. I did not know what being “legal” or “illegal” meant. When I heard the word “illegal,” I automatically thought about drugs or murder. So when I began to hear people being called “illegal,”…

Memoirs of Invisible Black Women

There’s a growing national awareness about racial injustice in American, but often attention is focused on young black men. However, many African-American young women say the issues that most affect them rarely get talked about publicly. They say they sometimes feel invisible.

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Youth Radio Podcast: Are Teens Today More Narcissistic?

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Are teens today more narcissistic than ever before? Some psychologists are pointing to a personality test called the Narcissism Personality Inventory, which seems to indicate that millennials have a historically high sense of self-obsession. But not everyone thinks the test is a great tool to use on teens, who may need an inflated sense of self…