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Staying A Family After Deportation

By: Elizabeth Arteaga, We’Ced Ed. Note: Studies show there are about 4.5 million U.S. born children with at least one parent who is undocumented. In 2014, President Obama issued the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA), which provides relief from deportation for parents who meet eligibility requirements. But critics say DAPA offers little relief…


Youth Radio Podcast: Generation Katrina

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From our archives, New Orleans teenager Angelica Robinson and her family survived in their home for seven days after hurricane Katrina. She told us her story in 2006, one year later.


(Photo Credit: Scott Akerman)


By: M M. is a 17-year-old ward of the court in Los Angeles’ Central Juvenile Hall. How can I forgive you and not myself? I can’t forgive myself, yet I can forgive everybody else. I forgive you for never being there. I forgive you for never acting like you cared, when you would leave for…

As he transitions to being male, Youth Radio's Cole Carman, 18, wrestles with whether to retain any part of his female past.

Jenny Bolario/Youth Radio

Some Men Are Born And Some Men Are Made

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After months of preparation — working up the courage to come to terms with my identity and mandatory counseling — I was finally meeting up with my doctor to begin my transition and start taking male hormones. But I was thrown off when my doctor handed me a pamphlet about planning for my future fertility. She asked if I was interested in freezing my eggs before I started taking male hormones.