Finding Therapy On Facebook

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It’s been reported that since 2011, over 11 million teens have left Facebook for other networking sites and apps. I, however, find myself more attached.

Other social media sites don’t encourage a deep level of connection like Facebook does, with its unrestricted chat options. When I have a problem, or need advice, I’m one of the people who still turns to Facebook.

I applied to college as a music major. The day of the deadline, I realized I forgot to record my auditions. I frantically typed out a distress signal on Facebook. “Anyone have a mic or camera I can use?!” Just when I was about to give up, a friend came to the rescue with recording equipment.

But quick help is not the only support I get from Facebook.

I have a fear of being alone. Whether it’s doing homework when everyone’s asleep or staying home by myself, loneliness and anxiety creep up on me. Facebook is more than a way to procrastinate — it’s how I  stay connected with the world.

While my friends aren’t physically with me, knowing there’s always someone in my chat box brings me a sense of comfort and safety.