As he transitions to being male, Youth Radio's Cole Carman, 18, wrestles with whether to retain any part of his female past.

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Some Men Are Born And Some Men Are Made

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After months of preparation — working up the courage to come to terms with my identity and mandatory counseling — I was finally meeting up with my doctor to begin my transition and start taking male hormones. But I was thrown off when my doctor handed me a pamphlet about planning for my future fertility. She asked if I was interested in freezing my eggs before I started taking male hormones.

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So Over The Rainbow

When I found out SCOTUS ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, I was bursting with excitement; so much so that I broke into a little happy dance and felt a twinge of American pride. But I also know the reality of this landmark decision: the fight for actual factual equality ain’t over yet. Not by a long shot.


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Trans Teen Longs For True Pride

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I’m Latino-American and I grew up watching a lot of telenovelas with my mom. The only transgender character I ever saw on these soap operas was murdered when she was outed to her ex-boyfriend. For a while, that was all I knew, and I remember worrying, “Is this how I’m going to end up?” I…

How Local Queers Are Making Space For Themselves In Hip-Hop

By: Mariah Smith On April 29, Cal State Long beach showcased Queer Hip-Hop Uncensored– an introduction to California-based queer emcees– just in time for the biggest gay event of the city, Long Beach Pride. “It’s an awesome opportunity for us to show people that there are LGBTQ+ artists because I think it’s so important that we…