Youth Grand Marshall Rafael Jones During Oakland Pride Parade

Photo Credit: Brett Myers

YR’s Rafael Johns Honored at Oakland Pride

This past weekend, Youth Radio was front and center for Oakland’s 6th annual Pride celebration. Youth Radio and outLoud Reporter Rafael Johns played a key role as Youth Grand Marshall for the parade. He was honored for the work he’s done in media and in the community to advance dialogue around LGBTQ issues. Rafael has helped…

As he transitions to being male, Youth Radio's Cole Carman, 18, wrestles with whether to retain any part of his female past.

Jenny Bolario/Youth Radio

Some Men Are Born And Some Men Are Made

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After months of preparation — working up the courage to come to terms with my identity and mandatory counseling — I was finally meeting up with my doctor to begin my transition and start taking male hormones. But I was thrown off when my doctor handed me a pamphlet about planning for my future fertility. She asked if I was interested in freezing my eggs before I started taking male hormones.

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So Over The Rainbow

When I found out SCOTUS ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, I was bursting with excitement; so much so that I broke into a little happy dance and felt a twinge of American pride. But I also know the reality of this landmark decision: the fight for actual factual equality ain’t over yet. Not by a long shot.