Credit: Noah Nelson/Youth Radio

Youth Radio Podcast: A Mobile Maker Space Turns Hospital Patients Into Inventors

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All around the country, computer hackers, artists, and other do-it-yourself-ers are meeting up in “maker-spaces,” to share tools and build cool stuff together, like robots or musical instruments. Maker-spaces are popping up in all sorts of places: school auditoriums, libraries, under tents at community festivals, and now, even at the hospital. Youth Radio’s Noah Nelson…


Youth Radio Podcast: Does Birth Order Effect Sibling Relationships?

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On this episode, Youth Radio intern Sophie Varon talks about her derisive relationship with her younger brother, speculating that the clashing relationship may be due to birth order. She talks to a developmental psychologist at UC Berkeley, as well as other young adults who have siblings, explores this hypothesis.



Youth Radio Podcast: Are HIV Prevention Drugs Reaching High-Risk Teens?

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There are new drugs that can protect against HIV infection. But some of those old stigmas around HIV may be keeping young people from being informed. Youth Radio’s Rafael Johns talked with a primary care physician for many LGBT patients about the stigmas around HIV and the new preventative medication PREP.


Youth Radio Podcast: Generation Katrina

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From our archives, New Orleans teenager Angelica Robinson and her family survived in their home for seven days after hurricane Katrina. She told us her story in 2006, one year later.