Musical Confidence Commentary

by Jack

MusicAll of my life I’ve heard the phrase “If you love something, never be afraid.” For all that time the expression went in one ear and out the other, until I participated in jazz competition where I learned the true meaning of this life changing phrase.

In April of this year my school’s jazz band went to the Reno Jazz Festival to compete against schools from across the nation. Every rehearsal, each day this year, has been leading up to this competition. from the day we learned that we would be going to this competition I immediately began to worry about playing because I had never competed while playing drums. Additionally, at every turn I would doubt my abilities on drums, resulting in me hesitating to show out during class and during performances.

I have played music all my life to the point where it has become a part of who I am as an individual. I have played piano for my whole life and drums for 7 years. Despite being told by other people that I played well, I distrusted them and stuck to my idea that I was horrible for the entire year of rehearsals until we arrived in reno. Once we got off the bus in Reno and started our practice, I told myself to put it all out there and leave nothing unsaid, because if I did I would regret it.  Although I was scared beyond belief, as I played in front of the judges and, I maintained the state of mind to leave everything on the stage and I did. Once we received our unanimous score of  superior from all three judges, I felt a huge amount of stress lift off of my shoulders.

This whole overwhelming experience  forced me to realize that if I really do leave everything on the stage and not look back, there is no need to worry about what other people think. Similarly if you care enough about something it doesn’t matter what other people think, only what you do.This message applies toward everything, in that if you love what you do, in any sense , others people’s comments don’t matter, just as long as you love it and are proud of it.

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