My Bully Experience (By Flora Calmo )

Bulling a girl for no reason I’m going to be talking about why people bully others and my experience.

The middle school I went to was United for success. In 6th grade there was this boy who was taller than me. We had classes together and he used to bully people for no reason. I also got bullied by him. He used to make fun of me because I was shorter than him. I know I’m still short but I don’t understand why do other people care so much if I’m short or tall.

In middle school I really did not care because it did not matter to me. He bullied me once again an I told him “why do you care so much if I’m short, like my parents do not even care if I’m short”. I really got mad because I did not like the way he was treating me. Since then he stopped bullying me and I still saw him bullying others but they did not step up and he kept doing what he wanted to do. I felt bad seeing them get bullied because they did not deserve to get treated bad.

According to Bullying Numbers, “California’s Total estimate of bullies or victims involved in bullying is around 1 million from age 5 to 18’’. That article was published in 2014.  I also found a more recent article that was published on January,15,2015. This article  I read explains how not only people get bullied but there is also bullying in other subject like the LGBT, bullying students with disabilities, bullying students of color, weight-based bullying and there is more. However, this article showed the percentage of bullying going on and it’s around 70%, which I think is pretty bad. It’s a big issue that keeps repeating again and again.

Another problem is that people have issues sleeping because they get bullied and also they believe what others say about them. So my suggestion is if you get bullied by someone you just need to step up and tell them how you feel and make them understand that you don’t like to get bullied. We should treat everyone the same. There is no reason to bully someone who did not do anything to you.

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