The Beautiful ‘Female Energy’ Offers Great Vibes in Every Way Possible

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Wassup Wassup. It’s yah human HANIF. And I recommend listening to the audacious female energy by Willow Smith.

This song sounds euphoric, like when you hear your mother speak after a couple years. That is what music would sound like. The alternative r&b sound of the song makes you feel so positive and happy. The song is not intimidating but not dreadful either, Her voice adorable and dorky but sexy all in one.

This song is about wanting something that is not good for yourself. But also not being able to help it. The instrumentation is chill. The producer did a good job with the thought and work put into this piece. The song is simple and understated, sort of elegant. The synthesizers are mad interesting to the ears. This song is filled with calming energy and love.

 I relate to parts of the song that express resignation. I really appreciate “It’s really out of my control what you do is not my problem. I do not want you to go. But I don’t know how to stop you.” They express understanding abandonment and how it’s out of our control whether in an argument or on the verge of breaking up.
If you are not interested in alternative R&B then you definitely won’t like this song. This song is beautiful. But you like what you like. So, it’s up to you to like it.

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